Amenities & Services

In a world where the line between work, rest and play is often blurred, Anagram NoMad has been designed with purpose to suit the diverse needs of its residents. Settle into your workday in one of the many dedicated workspaces, or escape it completely by heading to The Gymnasium for a workout or stretch. Entertain at the rooftop bar or let the children be entertained in the playroom. Pivot according to your needs, your impulses or even the weather.



Make your own circuit, work out, spin, climb, run and stretch in your own full-service gym and yoga studio. Extending across the entire sublevel of the building and complete with a climbing wall, weights room and all the essentials for keeping you fit, The Gymnasium runs rings around the typical at-home gym.

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The Library

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Surround yourself with inspiration. Bathed in natural light with chairs selected for comfort and a library wall refreshed with all the latest magazines and broadsheets, The Library is designed to be the go-to destination for contemplation and research.


Bring the meeting to you. For those times when you need a dedicated space for a meeting, somewhere to gain some additional privacy or command a sense of professionalism, The Office is the perfect setting for any conference, presentation or focus session. It boasts the appearance of a workspace with none of the drawbacks of having to go somewhere.

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Find a spot to tackle whatever work is thrown at you without having to take it back to your apartment. The Cafe is a comfortable spot, optimized for contemplation and focus, adjacent to an actual cafe. Perfect for casual meetings, either set up at one of the two-seater high-tops or settle in at one of the sofa booths.

Gravitate to a space designed for focus and industry without sacrificing comfort. The Cafe is the space to arrange a one to one or settle in to respond to emails and calls without having to take your work home with you.

The perfect home away from home for toddlers, tykes and tots. A space to arrange playdates in, or for when the weather means they are stuck indoors. Designed to engage the imagination, complete with nooks, padded flooring and its very own built-in playhouse

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The Playhouse

The Playhouse

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Make your own rotation or sit at one degree at your own public-private garden lawn. An eddy from the busy stream of the city, an open enclave to let in some of the world around, but equally to stop and take it all in.


The Top

At the apex of it all, the needle around which the city revolves, is the rooftop. A whole world above the streets, with unbroken views in every direction, spaces to recline and take in the sun or entertain guests at the barbecue, all culminating in your very own rooftop bar: The Top. An indoor to outdoor space that exudes chic and reaches out over the panorama. Complete with a game room with full-size pool table, cozy corners for two and all the necessary amenities to chill and serve make The Top a quintessential New York display.

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To support all you have going on, Anagram NoMad rounds out its amenity experience with a whole host of services designed to revolve around you and your needs—whether that means the twenty-four-hour doorman service, or the resident manager who can assist with unique requests as they crop up. Everything moves in concert to support and make your living experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. 

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